Greg at a GRP "Wonder of Photography" workshop

I am married to my wonderful wife and supporter Wendy, have two great sons and three amazing grandchildren, two boys and one girl.

I have been a lifelong enthusiast and now freelance photographer.  I consider photography to be a wonder and remember first getting hooked at the age of nine when seeing a black and white image appear on paper in a developing dish. This seemed like magic to me and photography has been a passion for me since that time!  From film and the darkroom through to digital technology and modern post processing techniques photography has and still does have a fascination for me.  My photography journey has included all genres from landscapes, macro, people, street photography et al. I find I have at present primarily settled with people photography, with a fascination to capture the many human emotions, activities and personalities in the world today.

I am a keen amateur runner, swimmer and triathlete enjoying many challenges that sometimes push me outside my comfort zone to say the least, but also bring a certain tranquility and mindfulness to my life.

Photography enables a unique view and perspective beyond the ordinary and still challenges me to grow and learn.

Greg - July 2019